Getting started

I am excited to start on my new adventure but it is a little scary as it takes up so much time and it has been over 24 years since I have ‘gone to school’.  Let me just say, online courses are NOT EASY.  But it is awesome to be learning new things. 

There are more methods of doing an online business than I thought.  I can’t believe all the different ways to brainstorm too.  It opens up a whole new world of possibilities, not that I will jump on all of them.  The 2 most helpful sites so far are:  business models  brainstorming ideas

and also:   magic box

I liked that I having more knowledge of these ideas can only enrich my future business as well as help some of my friends and family in future.  I tend to retain all thoughts that are worthy and I know I will keep this one although my math class is not worthy.

I am not always sure of what I am doing exactly and tend to wait for someone else to post their ideas or thoughts first so I know ‘how’ to proceed with my own thoughts and opinions. 


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